Muller Monthly Music Meta Mega-Meta, MMXXII — Hector’s review



Muller Monthly Music Meta – MMXXII Mega-Meta

Title: “Location, Location, Location,” by Pete Muller
Prompt: The Mega-Meta answer is a song from 1973.
Answer: “Stuck in the Middle With You” by Gerry Rafferty

Matt is swamped by family obligations, giving me a welcome chance to express my appreciation of the MMMM series. [Thanks, Hector! an appreciation echoed by me. Hector is a highly-skilled veteran meta-solver whose name many of you will recognize from solver lists over the years. –Matt G.]

The thirteenth puzzle of this otherwise monthly meta series is meant to tip off solvers to the mechanisms for the year’s Mega Meta and Red Herring.

Both are numeric. The Red Herring was announced in January as a song from the 80s, and we are told here at 46A that it was sung by Tommy Tutone. The first seven puzzles contain clues indicating that the entry “rhymes with a number.” Assembling the numbers reveals the (1981) song to be “867-5309/Jenny,” the lyrics of which violated the norm prohibiting valid phone numbers in fictions, to the annoyance of numerous people not called Jenny. 

Solvers of the Mega Meta have been on the lookout for a song from 1973, and the other apparent themer in this puzzle combines 4D and 30A with the clue, “what most numbers in the clues of this year’s puzzles represent,” to yield X AND Y COORDINATES (we’d already learned in November’s puzzle that the mechanism involves coordinates, so this actually added very little new information).

The clues specify column-row coordinates: columns in Across clues and rows in Downs. You have to ignore years and other numbers larger than the grid size, and also numbers that are spelled out (“five” or “fifth” instead of 5 or 5th; I might have gone with “numerals” rather than “numbers” in the 4D clue, because there are quite a lot of numbers that play no role in the mechanism). The puzzles supply one or two letters each, spelling STEALERS WHEEL HIT, which can only be “Stuck in the Middle With You,” written and sung by the same Gerry Rafferty who in 1978 gave us “Right Down the Line” – that Line presumably being in the Middle, where Gerry remained centrally adhered. Confirmation is hardly needed, but STEAL and WHEEL supply it.

I know I’m not the only solver once again feeling a combination of gratitude for Pete’s monthly gifts to us of these brilliant puzzles and dread that if this year’s series is the last, it will be right about now that we’ll hear about it. I hope that he is enjoying his holidays, with or without the company of clowns and jokers, as he prefers.

What are your thoughts about the Mega Meta and Red Herring, and about this year’s MMMM suite?

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7 Responses to Muller Monthly Music Meta Mega-Meta, MMXXII — Hector’s review

  1. Pete+Muller says:

    Thanks Hector for filling in!

    141 correct this month, including the 57 that solved it before this puzzle came out.
    Big props to Neville and ASB, the two solvers who cracked the 2022 mega-meta before getting the hint that was in the November puzzle.

    My full write-up of how this worked in the year’s puzzles will be published tomorrow at noon ET.

    Thanks all for playing this year and Happy Holidays!

  2. Katie+M. says:

    There is complete confirmation in this reveal puzzle. If you use the coordinates in this puzzle,
    6,2 is 14A STEAL
    13,4 is 24A ERS
    6,14 is 65A WHEEL
    4,13 is 60D HIT

    • Hector says:

      Ha! Did not see that. I found SEWH but didn’t connect the dots. I wonder if anyone actually got to STEALERS WHEEL HIT that way.

  3. Pete Muller says:

    Thanks Katie

    That’s right …this puzzle is a self-contained homage of sorts to the mega-meta.

    The mega-meta mechanism was to have coordinates point to one or two letters in each puzzle, while in this puzzle they pointed to grid entries. In either case, the numbers used were not on the grid edges but in the middle…

  4. Charles Montpetit says:

    Aptly, the word YOU is indeed “stuck in the middle” of the grid, reading down from cell 39!

  5. Seattle Derek says:

    Great puzzle? (BTW, the grid shown above has 55A misspelled.)

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