Annual Cru dinner at the ACPT

Photo by Don Christensen, 2018 ACPT

The Cru (which is essentially a group of all of us who dig crosswords) gathers for an annual buffet dinner at the ACPT. It’s a great way for veterans to see old friends, and for newbies to start their first ACPT weekend by socializing with lovely people. The dinner will be in the Stamford Marriott’s restaurant from 6 to 8 pm on March 22. Details here. Space is filling up quickly, so sign up now if you’re interested.

This photo is mostly women, but the Cru dinner crowd is a good mix of genders, ages, solving speeds, shy vs outgoing styles, etc. If you tend to be shy in crowds, the Cru dinner offers a great way to acquire a group of familiar faces to make the weekend’s crowds more workable.

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2 Responses to Annual Cru dinner at the ACPT

  1. really? says:

    no names? or even pseudonyms?

    • Amy Reynaldo says:

      I don’t have everyone’s name readily at hand, but the legendary Zulema is on the far right. I’ve been loving her cultured comments and explanations of issues with clues for Spanish words for years! She doesn’t stick around for the tournament, just comes for the Cru dinner.

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