Fireball Contest — July 10, 2019

Puzzle: 7:49ish, Meta: an hourish  


Patrick Berry’s Fireball contest, “Undershorts” — Laura’s review

FIreball Contest - 7.10.19 - Solution

Fireball Contest – 7.10.19 – Solution

This’ll be a quick one as the deadline is fast approaching. Patrick Berry wants to know: “What eight-letter word is hinted at by this puzzle?” Let’s take a look at the themers, or at what we might assume are the themers:

  • [17a: Fight ender]: KNOCKOUT
  • [25a: 2001 Nobel Peace Prize cowinner]: UNITED NATIONS
  • [44a: Triage nurse’s workplace]: EMERGENCY ROOM
  • [57a: Where Lincoln was born]: KENTUCKY

Observation #1: All four of these words/phrases are also commonly known by a two-letter abbreviation: KO, UN, ER, and KY, respectively.

Observation #2: Each of these words/phrases contains that two-letter abbreviation within itself:


Observation #3: If you look in the grid under the shorts, per the title, i.e. at the squares beneath the two-letter abbreviations, you get:


… that is, SKIVVIES, slang for undershorts, and the eight-letter word that is hinted at by this puzzle, a.k.a. the answer. Fun and excellent!

If I were to link to a video to illustrate [23d: Request for sugar?]: KISS ME, you might expect it to be this one, but I felt like hearing this one, an all-time fave, instead:



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