Calling all ACPT rookies: check out the Cru dinner

Every year for over 20 years, the ACPT has unofficially kicked off the festivities with the Cru dinner. Do you enjoy crosswords and the venues (like Crossword Fiend) where they’re discussed? Then congratulations! You are a member of the Cru. (That’s the cruciverbal crew, basically.) There are a few spots left for rookies to join the dinner on Friday, March 20, at the Stamford Marriott. It’s a tasty buffet dinner in a hotel lounge, and you’ll be joined by a convivial group of regulars and rookies alike. It’s a great way to meet people and make the whole tournament experience much less daunting. In fact, I went to the Cru dinner my first year, and a number of years thereafter.

Details here. If you’re interested, do get in touch with Mike Alpern (his email address is at the link) to reserve your spot (or just ask questions).

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