Puzzle links galore!

Eric Berlin has curated a terrific list of pencil puzzles you can get for free online. And not junky free puzzles, either—Eric is a connoisseur with exacting standards. If you’re looking for crosswords, cryptic crosswords, logic puzzles, variety word puzzles, and more, check out Eric’s post. Note that many of the crosswords can be done online, so if you haven’t got access to a printer, don’t let “pencil puzzles” deter you. Solve on!

There are also crossword apps out there. For easy pop-culture puzzles, there’s Crosswords With Friends, for which Trip Payne and I are the editors (you might be able to entice those friends and family members who are daunted by your NYT solving skills to get into crosswords). For daily themed puzzles in the easy to medium range, edited by the gifted Erik Agard, check out the USA Today crossword app. The New York Times crossword app, as many of you know, offers the daily puzzles along with smaller Mini and Midi puzzles; full access to those requires an NYT puzzles subscription, while the Crosswords With Friends and USA Today crossword apps make the current day’s puzzle free.

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