Fireball Contest — June 30, 2021

Grid: 30-ish; Meta: needed a nudge  


Peter Gordon’s Fireball contest, “What a goof!” — Conrad’s review

This month, we are asked, What TV character is the apt final answer to this puzzle? The theme entries all have pairs of O’s:

  • [17a: Common car feature]: MOONROOF
  • [19a: Hairnets]: SNOODS
  • [40a: Song with the lyric “If you don’t get a letter then you’ll know I’m in jail”]: TOOTTOOTTOOTSIE
  • [61a: Billing Partner]: COOING
  • [64a: “Fun to wear” garments with superhero motifs]: UNDEROOS

Additionally: 4d (‘Write “Make a goof” instead of “Make a go of,” say’ – ERR) and 2d (‘Eager student’s shout’ – OHOH) seem important.

FB Contest – 6.30.21 – Solution

FB Contest – 6.30.21 – Solution

The clue for ERR really threw me off. I kept trying to put spaces between the O’s (such as “MO ON ROOF”, wondering if a TV character named MO (No “E”) was featured on a roof in a famous episode. That approach went nowhere. I spun my wheels for a while, sensing a simple meta that I simply was not seeing. I finally asked my solving pal Gideon for a nudge, and he told me to simply look at the grid and focus on the O’s. Ignoring ERR was key: I had previously looked at the letters before and after the O’s; I finally looked at the letters above and below the O’s and saw it: the letters below the O’s spell HANNA BARBERA BEAR. Yogi Bear comes to mind first, but that has no real connection to the meta. BOO-BOO BEAR fits the theme, and is our (apparent) meta answer.

This is a simple mechanism; I feel like I must be missing some nuance in 4d that lead me deeply astray. Readers: please let me know what I missed. I am unaware of any Boo-Boo Bear-relevant songs, so I’ll end with the Screaming Blue Messiahs‘ I Wanna Be a Flintstone.

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9 Responses to Fireball Contest — June 30, 2021

  1. Paul M says:

    I too got waylaid by 4d. The closest thing I could find to a reveal is Under oos… I’d imagine that was the nudge you were looking for.

  2. TimF says:

    Anybody else guess Arnold Horschack?

  3. PJ says:

    I guessed Boo-Boo based on the title and the repeated OO. Glad to see the additional, although unneeded by me, layer,

  4. Abide says:

    4-D misdirected me for a good while too. But it ultimately becomes relevant since Boo-boo is a synonym for “goof” / ERR.

  5. BarbaraK says:

    Nudger Gideon the same as winner Gideon? Congratulations! Glad to see fate rewarding the good deed.

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