Fireball Contest — May 18, 2022

Grid: 20 minutes; Meta: 20 more 


Patrick Berry’s Fireball contest, “Triple Doubles” — Conrad’s writeup

This month, we are asked, NBA team is hinted at by this puzzle? There were six ten-letter across entries, plus the seven-letter center entry:

  • [Ill-fated fishing boat in “The Perfect Storm”]: ANDREAGAIL
  • [Studying intently]: PORINGOVER
  • [Rank attained by Gerald Ford]: EAGLESCOUT
  • [Try to locate]: SEEKOUT
  • [“You really oughta look at this!”]: COMEANDSEE
  • [Being in agreement (with)]: COMPORTING
  • [Hall of Mirrors setting]: VERSAILLES

I pondered how to interpret “triple doubles” (which, in great meta fashion, could be parsed in a variety of ways). I looked for entries containing tripled or doubled letters (I’m looking at you, MMMBOP and BACCHANALIA). I looked for entries containing three of one letter and two of another. Some matched (ADDRESSBARS and GALAGA), but BACCHANALIA had two C’s and four A’s. I reminded myself: this is a Patrick Berry meta, which means surgical precision. Time to abandon that rabbit hole.

FB Contest – 5.20.2022 - Solution

FB Contest – 5.20.2022 – Solution

I scanned the grid and spotted COM twice in COMEANDSEE and COMPORTING and I had the rabbit: the long theme entries (plus the center entry) were comprised of the following three-letter (triple) strings: AIL, AND, COM, EAG, ING, LES, OUT, POR, SEE, and VER. Each occurred twice (double), leaving one letter left over:

  • (AND)[R](EAG)(AIL)R
  • (POR)(ING)[O](VER): O
  • (EAG)(LES)[C](OUT): C
  • (SEE)[K](OUT): K
  • (COM)[E](AND)(SEE): E
  • (COM)(POR)[T](ING): T
  • (VER)[S](AIL)(LES): S

The leftover letters spell ROCKETS, our contest solution. We’ll end with Elton John and Dua Lipa.



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