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AVCX Contest – “Going Way Too Far”, June 12, 2019

The latest meta contest puzzle from Francis Heaney, “Going Way Too Far”, had its deadline for submissions close at midnight. Here’s the solution!

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AVCX Contest – “Well-Connected”, April 10, 2019

Francis Heaney had last week’s AVCX Meta puzzle, “Well-Connected”. Let’s figure out what was going on with that now that submissions are closed.

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AVCX Contest – “Lost Soul”, April 3, 2019

Submissions for the meta on Rebecca Falcon’s AVCX puzzle “Lost Soul” have closed.  Let’s dive into what was hidden in the grid

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

The next Fireball puzzle will appear next week.

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AVCX Contest – “Tunnel Vision”, January 9, 2019

The deadline for last week’s AVCX Contest Puzzle from Francis Heaney has passed – let’s check in on what was going on there.

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